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Village Industries

Under village industries products, there is no sector which remain untouched & used by the common mass such as jewellery, various pottery products, item stones, cutting like statues, toys etc., chalk which is used in schools, bangles, gulal and rangoli used by ladies, paints, polishes and distemper used in house furnishing. If you go for forest based industries, their products for various handmade products such as stationary, fancy articles, bamboo, cane work like furniture, agarbatti and matches used in every house, jute products of various varieties, manufacture of exercise books, registers and envelopes used very common. Products of different type of spices/masalas, cereals such as dalia, papads, jams and jelly, pickles, ghani oil that are used in every household.

Under polymer and chemical based industry, there are products like soaps either for toilet or washing soaps, various types of rubber products, candles, mehandi, shampoos, hair oils, detergents and washing powders.

Engineering & non-conventional energy group of village industries covers any item manufactured under Carpentry Industry, Blacksmith Industry and various household aluminum utensils and also utensils made of brass, copper and bimetal. It also covers electronics and computer items of different varieties.

Textile industry covers hosiery items, readymade garments, toys and dolls, embroidery and even manufacturing of surgical bandages. Another group is of service industry which covers laundry, barber, plumbing, servicing of electric wiring, electronics appliances, equipments, art board paintings, cycle repair, repairs of diesel engine and pump set, dhabas, and tea stalls etc.

Apart from this, KVIC has introduced a project named "PRODIP" under which an entrepreneur of REGP can avail financial assistance upto Rs. One Lac Rupees in which 75% is a grant for developing the packages of the product with the help of NID trained accredited designers. KVIC has set targets for each Board/State Offices to set up projects under PRODIP. Detailed information in this regard is available at the Board Office for persual by interested interpreters.

In view of various restrictions of master plan, this Board has financed units engaged in manufacture of chalk, bangles, manufacture of exercise books, cups & plates, photo framing masalas, leather footwears, leather garments, candles, mehandi, oil and shampoos, carpentry, blacksmithy, aluminium utensils, different electronic items like voltage stabilizers, inverters, toys & dolls, embroidery, barber, servicing of electric wiring & domestic appliances etc.