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The main aim of the board is to generate employment in the National Capital Territory of Delhi  specially in the rural area.

Subject to the provisions  of the Himachal Pradesh KVI Board Act, the function of the Board shall  generally be to plan, organise and implement programmes for the development  of Khadi and Village Industries.

In particular and  without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of the Himachal  Pradesh KVI Board Act, the Board may take such steps as it thinks fit  :

  • To promote, encourage and assist in the development of khadi and village industries and  to carry on trade or business in the products of such industries.
  • To provide work to persons who have been professionally engaged in khadi and village  industries.
  • To grant loans to individuals, societies or institutions engaged in village  industries on such terms as may be prescribed.
  • To encourage establishment of co-operative societies in khadi and village industries.
  • To conduct training centers with a view to impart  the necessary skill and knowledge for carrying on khadi and village  industries.
  • To manufacture tools and implements and to arrange supply of such tools and implements  and raw materials in order to secure development of khadi and village industries.
  • To conduct publicity and propaganda and organise marketing of finished products of khadi  and village industries by opening stores, shops, emporia and exhibitions.
  • To undertake and encourage research with a view to improve the quality and marketability  of khadi and the products of village industries.
  • To collect statistics relating to khadi and village industries from such person or persons  as may be prescribed and to publish the statistics so collected.
  • To carry out any other matter which may be prescribed.

Financial Sources

In order to achieve its various objectives and functions, the Board has  been receiving financial assistance only from two sources:-

  • Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi under different plan schemes  through the Industries Deptt.
  • Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Govt.  of India provides funds for there various schemes being implemented  in Delhi.

The Board is undertaking the following  activities :-

  • To act as implementing agency of Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) Govt. of India schemes in Delhi. The beneficiaries of KVI Schemes are individuals, Industrial   Cooperative Societies and institutions registered under the Societies   Registration Act, 1860.
  • To implement Govt. of Delhi employment generation scheme.
  • To   undertake various motivational activities for creating awareness among   the public in respect of the schemes of the Board by way of propaganda,   advertisement in newspapers, holding & participating in the   exhibitions etc. To evaluate the feasibility of projects, monitoring  of units funded by the Board and recoveries of loan.
  • Effecting   recoveries from the beneficiaries and its repayment to KVIC and Govt.   of Delhi in r/o the schemes implemented by the Board.
  • To   provide marketing platform to the small entrepreneurs assisted and   financed by KVIC/ Delhi Khadi & Village Industries Board by   organizing exhibitions of various levels to promote the sales of khadi   and village industries products in Delhi and make them popular among the masses.

To achieve the functions,  Board take the following actions

The Board implements KVIC Scheme in the U.T. of Delhi. Khadi & Village  Industries Commission, Govt. of India provides funds for the implementation  of its scheme. In order to implement this scheme, the Board takes the  following actions:-

  • To sanction and disburse loan to the beneficiaries  under Village Industries scheme under the schedule of KVIC Act.  The beneficiaries for KVI schemes are the individuals, Industrial  Co-opreative societies and Institutions regd. under SR Act 1860.
  • Effecting recoveries from the beneficaries and its  repayment to KVIC.
  • Spot verifications of the units to check the  proper utilisation of Financial assistance given to the beneficiaries  under schemes.
  • To undertake various motivational activities  for creating awareness among public in respect of the schemes of  the Board by way of propaganda, publicity, holding and participating  in the exhibition etc. and Monitoring, evaluation and planning of  the various schemes in accordance with the guidelines of KVIC and  Govt. of Delhi.
  • Making arrangement or assisting in the marketing  of the products of the beneficiaries by way of recommendation to  KVIC sale emporia and other Govt. sales outlets and encourage their  participation in the exhibition.
  • Organize exhibitions of various levels to promote  sales of Khadi and Village Industries products in Delhi and make  them popular among masses.

The Marketing Activities of the Board include sales outlets of various items  under the Khadi & Village Sector. These items range from Khadi Silks to  Soaps, Leather Goods, Chappals & Shoes to Agarbatti, Honey, Masalas, Steel  Almirahs to High Technology items like Computers. The Board is at present  having two Sales Outlet at the following places:-

Delhi Khadi
(Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi)
Players Building
Delhi Sachivalya
New Delhi-110002.
Phone: +91-11-23392268

Ground Floor, 419, Udyog Sadan,
F.I.E., Patpar Ganj,
Phone: +91-11-22144858