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Under Khadi & Village Industries Sector in the country there are about more than fifteen thousand sales outlets as well as production centres through out India and Khadi & Village Industries have 27 self owned sales outlets in the metropolitan cities & Hill Border areas. These sales outlets meet the requirements for the marketing and sales of the products of the units financed either by Khadi & Village Industries Commission or State Khadi Boards in the country.

These sales outlets are located in the metropolitan cities, towns & even villages. These outlets are engaged in the marketing of Hand Spun & Hand woven 100% Cotton Khadi, Silk Khadi, Silk Sarees, Tusser Silk Sarees, Silk Ties, Eco-friendly Hand Made Paper products like Bags, Diaries, costers etc. and leather products like Gloves, Jackets, Wallets, Belts, Brief Cases, Shoes, Chappals, Animal fat free-non-edible oils, Toilet Soaps with 70% T.F.M., Liquid Soap, Terra cota items, Steel, Wooden furniture & Rose Wood handicraft items, Aggarbattis, Dhoop, Herbal Tea, Pickles, Paper, & other Herbal products like Shampoo, Hair Oils, Face Packs etc.

This Board has finances/applicant units under the marketing scheme and they have setup their own sales outlets in Delhi. Delhi Khadi & Village Industries Board has also started marketing channel for the sales of Hand Spun & Hand Woven 100% Cotton Khadi, Silk Khadi, Woolen Khadi, Polyester and Village Industries Products like Khadi Shoes, Chappals, Wallets, Jacket, Steel, Wooden & Computer Furniture, Masala, Papad, Herbal Products and Readymades also in the office premises itself recently. Attempts are being made to go for export both of Khadi Products & Village Industries Products.

For Marketing and Sale Purchase of your products and Govt. supplies please contact:

Delhi Khadi & Village Industries Board
5th Floor, Nigam Bhawan (Old Hindu College),
Kashmere Gate,Delhi-110006.

When it comes to sarees the Indian Sarees simply excels. Khadi has gorgeous designs to boast of. But a saree, Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, etc. with its intricate designs woven in silver or golden thread can make one stop and look again with a missed heart beat.
That's the saree - Indian at its best. Silk, the queen fabric has won hearts wherever it went. Sure there is no other fabric that can match silk for its soft and fine feel and brilliance. Handspun and Handwoven Silk
Ties by renowned designers are available in the attractive colours, textures and designs and silk materials, Non-violent quality of silk is also available.

KVI Leather — is environment friendly and produced with vegetable tanning free from PCP (Penta Chloro Phenol) including wide range of leather items like wallets, purses, jackets, shoes, chappals, Belts etc. are available made from leather.
Handicraft items prepared/produced by skilled artisans using rose wood and normal wood depicting various art forms from mythology, animals etc. are available at reasonable prices.

Fibre — Fiber items are made for fashion and utility, fibre of sisal, banana, pineapple palm, screwpine, coconut, jute etc. have hundreds of uses. Bags, tablemats, wallhangings, carpets, rushmats, purses, flowerpot holders, Fancy articles made out of palm leaf are made in attractive shapes and sizes like fruit bowls, plates and even exclusive visiting cards, all have a feast of colour and designs. Agarbattis/Incense Sticks of white soothing and refreshing fragrances are available made of handmade totally with choicest perfumes like rose, mogra, jasmine and room refreshners are also available.

Chemical free Herbal Shampoos made from useful Ayurvedic Herbs.

Handmade Paper is environment friendly, bio-degradable, 100% wood free made out of cotton and agricultural wastes, having long life, attractive, aesthetic in appearance and has tearing/shredding strength. It has high tensile strength, bursting, tearing and double fold strength compared to machine made paper and it does not have brittle qualities due to ageing. Use of handmade paper products motivates environment and lesser use of non-bio-degradable paper.